Summer is back with a bang and everyone is faced with the constant problem of sweat, perspiration, dehydration and tiredness and would do almost anything to keep cool and refreshed. The biggest mistake each and everyone of us do is drink loads of aerated drinks and sugary juices because it is readily and easily available. Moreover as they come in tempting packs we are more likely to drink them a lot and spoil our health. So it is always better to increase the intake of natural juices.

Here are a few simple recipes that can be done at home within minutes and loaded with natural ingredients to keep our body cool. So you can always make a jug of these natural coolers and store them in your fridge during the long summer months.

Green Dream :

Lemons                      2
Fresh Mint Leaves     A handful
Honey                        2 Teaspoons
Cold Water Or Soda  2 Glasses
Ice Cubes

Put lemon juice, mint leaves, honey and ice cubes in a blender and whisk for a few minutes. if adding water instead of soda add to the mixture and blend for a few seconds. If substituting with soda then before serving mix well and serve.

Lemon Yogurt Splash :

Yogurt                                      1     Cup
Lemon Juice                             2     Teaspoons
Cumin Powder                         1/2   Teaspoon
Salt                                           1      Pinch
Ginger                                      1      Inch
Cold Water                               2      Glasses
Crushed Ice                              1      Cup

Blend Yogurt, lemon Juice, Cumin Powder, Salt and Ginger with Cold Water and Crushed Ice and serve when cold itself.

Watermelon Delight :

Watermelon                           1
Mint Leaves                           1 Handful
Lemon                                    2

Put the watermelon and mint in a blender and blend well for a few minutes. Pour into a jug and add lemon juice and ice. Mix well and serve.