Summer Special Tips

Summer Special Tips:

Severe sweat and perspiration can make even the most enthusiastic people lose interest in their skin care routine. The body loses it's energy and requires lots of attention and care during summer.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to protect your skin and body during summer :

Try staying away from the sun between 11 and 2 PM as much as possible.

Sunscreen plays a vital role during these months so apply a lavish layer of sunscreen at-least 15 minutes before stepping out.

Sunglasses are also a must to protect the delicate skin around our eyes otherwise we will end up with ugly dark circles.

People with dry skin can take a drop of almond oil and massage in circular movements on the face and neck at night to keep skin hydrated.

Grate a cucumber and keep in the fridge. Soak cotton pads in the juice and apply now and then and wash when dry.

Chilled rose water soaked in cotton pads kept in fridge and wiped after coming home from the sun makes us feel cool.

Try wearing loose cotton clothes to keep perspiration at bay. Synthetic clothes encourage bad odour during summer.

Drink plenty of water. Avoid sugary artificial drinks and fried food during summer.

Clay packs mixed with a few drops of lemon juice at least once a week absorbs all the excess oil and tightens skin.

Watermelon juice when applied on skin for a few minutes and washed also helps.

Taking showers twice a day helps keep yourself cool and fresh.

Take lots of fresh salads and fresh fruits.

Make buttermilk in a large jug and keep drinking to keep body cool.

Lemon juice is also is a great way to keep our skin and body fresh. Try adding a few mint leaves to enhance its flavour.